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Get to Know Me

I am a native New Yorker and I’m really influenced by living in NYC and constantly being around new, exciting ideas. Despite being a city-dweller, I love, love, love the outdoors, and make frequent trips to the Catskills, NY and Adirondacks, NY in the summers and winters. In the summer you can find me in the woods; riding my bike in NYC; or getting away with friends for a nice weekend trip. In the winter you can find me snowboarding, and more recently skiing as of winter 2018 (yikes, I’m moving to the dark-side).


So many things influence me as it pertains to my lifestyle, but also, everyday things like taking the NYC subway and being exposed to so many talented musicians, or trying new phone apps or even drinking a new beverage for the first time! Being in NYC everyday and just taking in everything  and everyone really 'AMPS' me up and gives me the urge to create. I’m here… living and creating, as your local New Yorker.

Get to Know Work Me

So work me is ‘real me,’ but highly caffeinated!! I've been a Voiceover professional for over five years and have worked with hundreds of global clients/brands. I’m extremely professional, and respect what my client’s needs and wants are. Coming from a Corporate Finance background of six years, I understand professional nuance very well which I use to leverage in my artistic work.


I always aim to deliver the perfect voice-over and will always give you many versions of the read or copy you seek. I like when people are direct with me and don’t hold anything back: success and good work starts with honesty and I thrive on that. Well that’s a little of ‘work’ me and I hope you can dig it, and I hope we can work together and make some awesome things happen!

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