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Corporate Narration Voice Over

The needs of a corporate narration can be as diverse as all the types of businesses out there. If you are making a corporate video, then you need a versatile narration voice over actor who can adapt to your specific needs and deliver the right voice over performance for your company. Corporate narration voice over needs to be clear, engaging, and genuine, and needs to effectively reach the target audience, whether it’s existing clients, employees, or the general public.

With corporate videos, the most important factor is the successful communication of the information to the audience. Strong narration voice over is key to achieving this goal, which is why every corporate video needs a professional narration voice actor. An experienced corporate video narrator will know which types of videos require which vocal styles, tones, and personas, and will know how to tailor their voice to do the job. 

Corporate Video Narration

One of the most common types of corporate video is a product video. This type of video aims to sell a product or service offered by the company. Unlike traditional commercials, corporate product videos provide a more comprehensive overview of the product and its features. The audience may be consumers, or other businesses. In this case, suitable narration for a product video might be calm and slow, in order to facilitate understanding of the video content. The tone of the voice should also be warm and friendly, in order to keep the listeners engaged and receptive.

Another type of corporate video is an internal training video. As the name suggests, this type of video is made for employees and stays within the company. The goal is usually to help members of the staff learn how to use or engage with an aspect of the company. This could be intended for new team members in order to introduce them to company policies and procedures, or for more senior personnel, in order to provide updated information such as how to use a new piece of software that was recently implemented. For these videos, a more neutral voice over can be useful to keep the focus on the educational content. A skilled narration voice actor will be able to strike the right tone to keep the audience informed and attentive.

A third example of a corporate video is a promotional video. This type of video, rather than promoting a product or service, is usually an invitation to the audience to join in on an event within or being hosted by the company. This might be a conference, media event, or other type of occasion. For a promotional video, the voice over needs to be persuasive, in order to convince listeners that the event is worth attending. Having an experienced voice actor who knows how to deliver bold, exciting, and dynamic voice over may do just the trick.

I'm  a professional voice talent with years of experience in the voice over industry. With the ability to deliver a wide range of vocal styles, from warm and genuine, to sophisticated and informative, to upbeat and persuasive, I can provide the performance you need to achieve your corporate video goals. 

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