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Audio Guides and Tours Voice Overs

I've produced various audio guide voice overs for museums, walking tours, boat tours and many more. Audio guide voice overs should be engaging, and often inspiring to keep the listener interested. As an audio tour narrator it has been my job to bring stories to life at museums and historical sites, and fully immerse visitors in the whole experience. 


When I voice over audio guides and tours my mission is to always help people make the most out of their visit and provide a great narration. Currently I'm only narrating audio guides in American English or otherwise known as North American English with a neutral accent

Audio Tour Voice Over Services

I have completed voice overs in various audio tour segments including but not limited to:

Audio Tour Narration for Museums

Audio Tour Narration for Historical Sites

Audio Tour Narration for Walking Tours

Audio Tour Narration for Train and Boat Tours

If you have another segment of a guided tour narration format, please reach out to me for a custom audition.

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