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Academic eLearning Voice Over

Voice Overs for eLearning

Voice overs in eLearning are in high demand due to the way people are learning; even more so after the novel Corona Virus has put pressure on working and learning from home. People are utilizing online schooling because of its ease, and its my responsibility to keep them engaged and not to fall asleep!

I have years of experience in academic eLearning in all types of educational platforms and achieving the right tone, emphasis, pacing, and tone is paramount to keeping everyone engaged. My voice over is able to maintain a consistent rhythm and style to keep the listener engaged over several hours if needed. 

It's tough keeping listeners engaged in an academic eLearning session, so if you need an engaging voice over, I can provide that for you

University and College eLearning Voice Over

College academic eLearning has been a popular trend, but now with Covid-19 eLearning at college and universities have become more important as schools have sent their students home. Rest assured my voice overs in college eLearning courses can take even the densest of materials and keep the listener engaged throughout the whole eLearning exercise

Everyone wants a cool teacher, BUT simultaneously that 'cool teacher' has to command a sense of respect and come off as intelligent and knowledgeable. That's where my voice over skills come in good use in college eLearning where I keep the tone relatable and conversational, but always give a sense that I'm an expert on the subject matter. Tone and inflection are paramount in eLearning voice over as that is often what makes an interesting voice versus a dull one. 

High School eLearning Voice Over

eLearning platforms are becoming more prevalent, and as a result the need for eLearning voice overs has risen. When it comes to eLearning voice overs for high school students it's important to understand what motivates them. Once you identify what motivates high school students in an eLearning environment, building and effectively voicing the learning content will be clearer and making it engaging becomes easier.

eLearning for high school students has to be interactive  to spark more interest in the content, so instead of having progressive slides, you can incorporate drag and drop elements on the page. In this interactive environment, having a voice over that is relatable, knowledgeable, and to some extent fun will help students become engaged in eLearning. 

Scenario-based tasks in eLearning is another way where a voice over can be inserted to allow high school students to be engaged. Instead of having them read a scenario, have characters or items pop up and speak. This will help the scenario feel more like a story. Scaffolding can be added to scenarios through pop-up text. The pop-up text can give the students hints needed to solve the scenario.

Elementary School eLearning Voice Over 

eLearning for elementary school student is supplementary in nature and focuses on a variety of formats like gamification of school material to make it more interactive. The voice over is really important when it comes to elementary school students, because their minds are more likely to wonder than most. So a voice over I provide for elementary school eLearning often leans towards bright, friendly, with a slight edge of excitement and enthusiasm to get kids on board 

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