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Travel and Leisure Voice Overs

Travel and Leisure are often complements of each other as they share a sense of expectation and delight. The voice over for travel and entertainment often has to inspire a sense of wonder and excitement that makes the audience want to plan an awesome vacation or click that button to purchases those concert tickets. 

Traveling voice overs can involve lifestyle branding where the audience is keenly aware of the experience they want and don't need a hard-sell of the location but rather accurate details of the lifestyle you're going for, whether that be a luxury vacation for affluent travelers or a no-frills wild adventure from hostel to hostel for the young-spirited. 

Leisure voice overs span all age groups and so the voice over has to be spot on for what they're selling to each audience. Voice overs in Leisure can be that cool millennial voice that doesn't really care if you like the product or not because, they know 'its cool' and you should try to dig it too, or perhaps that voice is that wide-eyed adventurer that wants to take you on the ride of your life. Whatever it is, I'm sure my voice over skills can handle it.

Travel Voice Overs

Travel voice overs are always descriptive and where your stress those words actually matter. In travel voice over scripts, there are usually a list of facts, but it's my job as a voice over to tell a story and create an image in the listeners mind that evokes positive feelings. Demographics of the script obviously matter but the tone of voice you use and the various inflections can make all the difference of the images that come to mind in the commercial. 

Leisure Voice Overs

Leisure voice overs take many forms: concerts, theme parks, sporting events, video games, etc. and as with everything the target audience is extremely important when doing a voice over for any of these forms. But what is central is that 'entertainment value' is at the core of these forms, so a sense of excitement is involved, and people naturally spend money on what they already love, so often there is little convincing to be done, and 'amping' them up is all they need to click that button. 

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