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Government eLearning Voice Overs

Government eLearning voice overs cover a great many topics that government entities need training materials on. Government eLearning that I have covered relate to:

Public Sector eLearning Voice Overs

Public works  eLearning Voice Overs

Administrative  eLearning Voice Overs

Government Program  eLearning Voice Overs

State Government  eLearning Voice Overs

Local Government  eLearning Voice Overs

Federally Mandated  eLearning Voice Overs

Sexual Harrassment eLearning Voice Overs

Diversity eLearning Voice Overs

Ethics eLearning Voice Overs

Narration for Government Contracts

Government eLearning narration has become an important area for government voice overs as government contracts are often short-term and new employees are brought in frequently and require quick and efficient training  to prevent potential safety, privacy, or legal issues. 

Government narrations often involve speaking about dense material such as laws and regulations, safety protocols and guidelines, and other material that can get dull if not properly voiced over. An experienced government voice over like me can take otherwise complicated and dull material and bring a voice that makes the material engaging and palatable. 

An important point content creators may consider in looking for voice actors for government eLearning narration is security. Many programs require NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements). Others may involve background checks. I have successfully met criteria any agency has required to operate within systems.

Hiring an excellent voice actor for government eLearning also ensures avoiding text and next syndrome. A quality professional narrator knows how to enliven dry material, injects appropriate enthusiasm and can make messages matter and resonate with learners. Dozens of government agencies, and content creators who prepare material on their behalves have hired me to narrate their government eLearning programs. 

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