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Manufacturing Industry eLearning Voice Overs

The manufacturing industry has demanded from industrial voice overs to deliver important information on safety and compliance and other topics, in a clear, friendly, and conversational tone to improve workplace performance. Work-related accidents in the manufacturing industry are one of the highest in the world, increasing the need for manufacturing voice overs to use a vocal tone that keeps the listener engaged and able to retain important information, and that often means being as conversational and knowledgeable sounding as possible. 

The manufacturing industry creates eLearning for not only safety, compliance, and time keeping but also quite frequently for: 

Project Management Voice Overs

Leadership Training Voice Overs

Strategic Planning Voice Overs

Time Management Voice Overs

Lean Manufacturing Principles Voice Over

Effective eLearning for the manufacturing voice over market is learner-centric, based on real-life scenarios which accurately simulate the environment the employee faces. A friendly, clear, relatable voice over helps keep the learner focused.

An experienced voice over artist who inherently knows which points are the most important to get across and is effective at making certain your message is heard is the one that will keep employees safe and compliant, able to master and enhance skills and work through situations.

I have narrated high quality manufacturing eLearning programs in diverse industries as automotive, food and beverage, electronics, energy, electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, personal care products, steel, metal and consumer goods. 

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