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Educational Voice Overs

The way people learn is changing. More and more we are turning to online schooling (eLearning), multi-media resources, course/research presentations, company training modules and countless other types of audio material to educate ourselves and others.


A very high percentage of how people learn and retain information is auditory; so it is important that this educational audio is high-quality, read in the correct style and organized for easy implementation.

I have produced a wide variety of Educational Audio for Schools, Universities, Colleges, Language/Business Institutes, Corporate Training, Trade Schools and eLearning sites, software and applications. I have years of experience recording voiceovers for all types of educational platforms, and can achieve the correct clarity, tone, emphasis and pace that best suits any type of production. From kindergarten to graduate programs. From basic vocabulary to medical training. From ESL to advanced trade curriculums. 

Candy Stripes
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