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Voicemail Voice Overs | Phone Recordings

Professional Voice Greetings

Phone greetings and phone system voice overs serve many type of uses that include:

Voicemail Greetings

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Outbound Messages

Message On-Hold

Telephone Surveys and Promotions

Phone Greetings

Voice Prompts

Marketing Messages


Announcement Messages

Phone Greetings for Your Business

Pre-recorded voice over messaging that happens over the phone is just as important as the real thing when you don't have the advantage of a personal, face-to-face interaction. Not only does the customer experience have to be elevated, but the messaging has to be efficient and brand consistent. A very powerful way you can use scripted professional voice over recording to impact your business is by creating additional value for your caller with “Music On-Hold” messages.

Message On Hold Voice Over

When your customers are on-hold, why not take advantage of that time to serve them better? Use Music On-Hold messaging to provide customers with an exclusive discount, give them insider tips about how to use additional products and services, or share some historical facts about your company to make the call more memorable. With a professional voice over recording, you can transform the dreaded experience of being on-hold into an opportunity for valuable engagement with your customers.

Phone Greetings Voice Over

A professional voice over is often the first thing a client or customer hears when calling your business; a great first impression is paramount and can even influence the caller's decision to do business with you. A professionally recorded phone greetings will establish instant credibility with your callers. 

Over 75% of callers are placed on hold when calling a business, and over 50% of callers hang up after 60 seconds of being placed on hold. We're human and losing our attention with a boring or unprofessional voice over is highly likely. Using a professional on-hold messaging voice with your added music will impress your clients and build trust with your callers. 

To increase caller retention, your on-hold voice over customer experience will eliminate the need for a live person to answer the phone for questions. The on-hold voice over will relate any information including contact information, business hours and directions, company directory, and any other features you want to include. Your on-hold customer experience is also the perfect time to drive traffic to your website as well as build brand awareness to a captive audience.

Marketing Message Voice Over

Telephone marketing messages and campaigns are an effective way to connect with customers, constituents, or members of an organization. They are time saving and effective when handled professionally. To replace a live person and keep your target audience listening to your complete message, your voice over artist needs to come across as genuine and authentic. 

AI & TTS Voice Over

 AI or TTS voice over coming from our phones, our GPS and other apps become important features of the companies creating them. Whether the brand voice of an app for a major department store, an international financial service or a piece of technology itself, voice over artists like me are being hired to be the human bridge between you and your technology. AI doesn’t only mean hiring a voice over to become the brand, sometimes recorded voices are required to teach AI computers English. I recently Voiced Over such a job involving AI script recording of 135 voice over artists for one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world.

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