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Radio Commercial Voice Over

Radio Commercials

Radio commercials require a special set of skills compared to other forms of production in that it's almost comparable to an 'elevator pitch' where you have to make an impression with the audience quickly. Most people think about hard sell radio ads where the voice over is explaining a promotion or some sort of deal that you can't miss, but radio commercials can also be very emotional. It's my job to immediately get the audience on board whatever the message is.


If you need a voice over that can hook the audience in five seconds or less, look no further, I'm your guy!

Radio Commercials | Elements of Success

Grab Audiences Attention in First Five Seconds

In radio commercials grabbing the attention of your audience fast is essential for them to care. To do this, combining the right voice over, music, and a clear, consistent message is important. The best ads that grab a person's attention are ones that are memorable and can be easily recognized by voice and music. Take Home Depot or Arbys for example: The mix of music and voice is so easily recognizable that it almost becomes magic. 

Stating Why Your Brand is Essential

Often a good tactic in conveying why your brand is essential in a radio commercial is to capitalize on seasonal changes and moods like national holidays and weather changes. Or perhaps your product is essential for better product performance or a similar benefit. 

Provide Irresistible Offer to Audience

In radio commercials the instinct is to list all the the product or services' benefits, BUT focusing on the strongest benefits and delivering that first makes the ad stronger and targeted. Balancing why your product is essential and allowing me to stress those benefits in the script will create a stronger radio commercial.  

Deliver Call-to-Action

The call to action in a radio commercial is perhaps the most important part, because if the audience liked your pitch and is interested in finding out more, here is your time to let them know. Ending the add with where to find your product and/or service or take advantage of promotions should be achieved. 

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