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Product Narration Voice Overs

As more companies create online product catalogues, more businesses use narration to explain product features and details. From video hardware and furniture catalogues to appliance and beauty product narrations, an increasing number of businesses use narration to present and showcase their products to online shoppers. A product narrator highlights and describes parts and products in a tone and style that matches the company’s brand.

I have been the right product narrator to itemize catalogues for various types of companies in different industries that include medical instruments, automotive parts, marine equipment, and agricultural tools. My extensive experience in corporate, commercial and business narration has equipped me with the right skills to deliver a high-quality targeted narration to a multitude of products.

Another aspect of product narration is explaining and outlining product instructions. From a 5-minute video on how to assemble a playground set for new parents to several hours of complex instructions on how to operate a hospital radiation machine to radiologists, hundreds of production companies have trusted their product narrations to me.

If you have a video for a single product, a series, a whole catalogue or instructions that require excellent product narration, contact me. I'm available for a direct booking or for quotes and samples.

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