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Corporate Commercial Voice Overs for TV and Radio

Voice Overs for Commercials

Corporate Commercials' primary objective is to attract attention for all the right reasons, and my job as a voice actor is to bring the right voice tone and character to your sales message involving your product or service. 

At the heart of commercial voice overs is getting the audience to trust your brand and voice behind it, transforming your brand from just another name among many to a familiar brand that the customer will want to learn more about or perhaps remain loyal to. 

Indeed, my experience in corporate commercials has been to be that charismatic voice that brings life to the core principles of the brand. Or perhaps, an emotional voice that has captured the mood of a service

Why Hire a Commercial Voice Over ?

There are a ton of reasons to get a professional voice over for your project, and if you're here I know you want the right messaging for your brand. Here are the reasons to hire me for your project:

Professional Voice Overs Convey Emotion

A major advantage of hiring me for your commercial voice over project is that I've done this for over five years so 'I've settled into my voice' and I know how to adopt the brands ethos as my own and speak as if it's a live event. Each line of copy is analyzed and the right dose of emotion, inflection, pacing and pitch is matched with the script. 

In a commercial voice over script, it's second nature as a voice actor to stress specific phrases and words to draw attention to the underlying message and themes you're aiming for. Giving my own personality into the script, I feel, is vital to connect to the audience so as to sound as natural as possible to allow the audience to focus on your message and feel at ease. 

Professional Voice Overs Retain Viewer's Attention

A professional voice over's job is to get and keep a viewer's attention, which is why a 'conversational Voice Over' has been the most requested voice over in the past several years--no one wants to be talked down to. As a Millennial Voice Over I shy away from a 'buttoned up' approach (unless requested of course), because the best way to retain a viewer is to be relatable and come across as someone you may know. 

Professional Voice Overs Sound Natural 

A professional voice over will always be their most comfortable in front of a microphone. A beginner most often 'freezes' or is too 'performative' to make the script sound natural--and it comes with the territory of being new, but hiring a professional voice over as myself will guarantee a sound that is natural and effortless. 

Commercial Voice Over | Approach

If it's your first time hiring a commercial voice over artist, no worries, I'll give you a break down of what to consider for your project so we can make this project awesome; but likely, you will be a commercial voice over pro, and will lead the way! But just in case, here is my overall approach.

Voice Over Tone

There are so many ways to set the tone for commercials that voice-overs artists need in order to be versatile performers. Often the range of tone can be a wacky character for a children’s snack to someone with calm authority for a life insurance commercial. A person’s voice and the way that they speak is one of the first things that we notice about people. Earnest or light-hearted, warm or distant, we all make snap judgements about people based on what we hear coming out of their mouths. It is the same for brands too, so brand voices have a lot of responsibility to carry, and it is important to get them right.


For the voice over artist to get the tone right, you have to know what the tone for your company should sound like. When you are defining it, the place to start is with your brand guidelines, which will have set the tone for all your print and online advertising. If you don’t have brand guidelines yet, think about your brand’s ‘personality.' Should it be humorous and light-hearted, trustworthy, and strong? Whatever identity you choose for your brand, that will be the starting point that decides how you communicate with the audience.

Voice Over Delivery

The way your commercial is being delivered is just as important as tone, and the style of delivery can generally be broken up into two categories:

  1. Hard Sell: A forceful delivery that give the listener as much information as possible in usually a short time frame. In a hard sell, the voice over is quite often enthusiastic, and energetic with a sense of urgency.

  2. Soft Sell: A normal paced voice over is used and is more conversational rather than forced. 

Commercial Voice Over | types

Radio Commercial Voice Over Jobs

Radio commercial voice over jobs can be national or local. Radio commercials are sometimes produced in-house by radio stations, but often by independent production companies. Some prefer to direct and record VOs using ISDN or other remote recording methods. Voices read a script to time, which usually is for a short ad. There are a huge number of ads produced on a daily basis for the hundreds of radio stations. ​​

 Commercial Voice Over Jobs

Advertising agencies work for brands and smaller companies. The client will agree a budget for advertising that is then used across many different media. The advertising coordinates every aspect of the advertising or marketing campaign. They come up with the initial creative concept, write scripts andmore. TV Commercials now are no longer just seen on TV, many are also distributed across the internet. 

 Internet / Mobile Voice Over Jobs

Some advertisements are made specifically for Internet only use e.g. a pre-roll ad for a YouTube channel or programme. These ads may reach millions of people. Other forms of Internet voice over jobs involve explainer videos. These have become an increasingly popular way for a company to simplify their marketing message.

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