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Mobile App Narration Voice Overs

Mobile app narration for voice overs comes in a variety of forms, from narrating meditation apps, providing app updates to existing and new users, and more prevalently, narrations for language learning apps. You also ecounter mobile app narration in its most popular form: driving apps that have a voice over giving you step-by-step directions. 

Selecting a voice over for your mobile app must of course mesh well with your content and the vocal presence you want to have when someone opens up your mobile app. 

If you need a voice over for your mobile app, you definitely have come to the right place. I can do the following voice overs for mobile apps:

Language learning app voice over

Fitness app voice over

Cooking app voice over

Meditation app voice over

Gaming app voice over

If you need another type of voice over for your mobile app, please reach out for a custom audition

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