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Business Narration Voice Over

Business voice overs can be your most impactful day to day marketing tool, but is often overlooked. From large Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, I have provided meaningful, dynamic voices that embrace each brand's unique identity and help communicate important ideas and information. Business voice over narration doesn't have to be plain, and hiring an experienced voice over artist like myself can add real punctuation and relatability with your audience. 


Corporate voice overs can tell a brand’s story and explain its policies, products and services. A professional voice over can help present your brand in the best possible light. Like all elements of your business and its brand, narration for your business should reflect your image, your company’s mission and the purpose of your video

An experienced, seasoned voice over narrator will be able to hook your listener, keep their attention and elevate your message beyond the noise of everyone today clamoring for everyone else’s attention. Hundreds of businesses have counted on me to capture the imaginations, hearts and loyalty of their customers and clients.

Lots of business narration is customer facing. Telling customers about your history, your brand story, your purpose or objectives, case studies of events where you helped your customers achieve their goals, charitable events you supported or neat ways you’re impacting your community. In the 2000’s everyone needed to create a website for their business. Now everyone is posting videos on those sites to engage visitors and encourage them to poke around the site a little longer. Maybe even convert to customers.

Some business narration is internal. You might have a set of onboarding or insurance videos. How-to’s for customer support or safety. Planning and future projects are another avenue for video backed by great narration.

Brick and mortar businesses have opportunities on site to engage customers through in-store promotions whether over an audio system or in videos near the checkout, dressing rooms or other areas clients congregate.

Business voice over narration reflects the nature of either your company and its branding or the particular campaign or series you’ve created. Sometimes you need an authoritative sound. Sometimes your voice over needs to be imbued with compassion. Lots of businesses rise above the chatter with quirk or slice-of-life dialogue. Others go for an international accent or a gender-neutral tone.

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