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Voice Overs for Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos & Whiteboard

Explainer videos are being used more and more as a way of introducing a product or service that the company wants to market to the public. Voice overs for explainer videos done right can really encourage your target audience to use your product. They are typically short and they feature animations and voice-overs, combining the two to quickly convey what is so great about their new offering.


Explainer videos are also a part of the marketing funnel. They can sit on your website, social media pages, or embedded in marketing emails to demonstrate to potential customers how you can solve their problems.

They work like advertising, but with less of the hard sell aspect, and if the quality and creativity of the animation is up to scratch, they may even be shared widely.

10 Reasons to Use a Professional Voice Over for Your Explainer Video

Choosing to use a voice-over professional will give your video the finish and finesse that can turn it into a real success. A voice over actor like me will bring a lot of experience to your explainer video. Having worked on marketing and advertising projects previously, I can add value to your project.


Versatility and Range

A professional voice-over actor like me has the ability to deliver exactly what I promise so that I can meet the needs of your video. My versatility will mean that I'll be able to listen to your directions and suggestions to help create the explainer video that you want. Listening to my demos on this website will give you an insight into my capabilities. 


Rest assured that I will be able to offer real authenticity to your video. I'm experienced and tried and tested and have the ability to apply direction so that I deliver your explainer video message in the right way. Working with a voice-over professional will make the world of difference.


I have six years of experience which means that I have built trust and confidence with my clients ensuring great audio that's on-time always. It is my livelihood and my business so I have had to learn and improve through experience. I've worked on a number of different corporate videos throughout the years making it easier to relate to your needs.

Affordable and Accommodating

Of course, if you want high quality then you will have to pay for it but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. I have the aim of making my service quick, professional and affordable because I understand how important your project is. 

Availability and Promptness   

Since I am a full-time voice actor/narrator, it means that I'm dependable and accessible whenever you need me. This will mean that I answer emails and calls quickly and promptly and will meet any of your needs.  A good voice-over actor who is there for you will become an important part of your creative team (hopefully). This is ideal when you are working on tight deadlines because I will have the ability to turn around your project quickly which is perfect when the request is urgent.

Great Recording Studio

Behind my success is a recording studio that produces work of an exceptional standard. I will be able to create a voice-over that suits the needs of your video. I have superb equipment that produces the best recordings and so, this makes it ideal for having files delivered electronically. I will alway send a custom audition if requested because this will prove that I have the system in place to do this efficiently.

Strive to Meet Every Need

Your explainer videos may cover a number of different subjects which requires a voice-over actor who is versatile and diverse. A professional like me will be able to undertake a number of different projects which means taking on yours will be effortless. I have experience working on tutorials, corporate videos, marketing videos, and even educational videos. Whatever it may be, I'll be able to add the personality and character to your video that you desire.

Provide Brand Familiarity

It does not matter what product or service your explainer video is explaining, you will want your customers to relate to it and immediately recognize that it is you. Studies have been carried out that prove that adults are more likely to remember words when they are spoken by a voice that is familiar to them. When it comes to marketing, this is important to understand because it makes it even more beneficial to use the same voice over for your videos. If your customers recognize the voice, they will recognize your brand and that, in itself, will help to drive up sales.

Audience Familiarity 

One of the most important aspects of using a professional voice over is that they know how to target your audience with their voice. They can adapt and take on different tones so that the audience is gripped and want to listen meaning that they give your video a personality that makes it relatable and that is what keeps viewers interested. While every single person involved in making your video is crucial, the voice-over professional that you use is the one who brings it all together. 

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